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Quick Facts

Contributions Quick Facts

Contributions are required for each “contribution week” - a period of seven days, from Monday to Sunday.  Payments are based on the wages earned during the week, up to an insurable ceiling – currently $740 (as of July 2022).

Employed Persons Quick Facts

For Employed persons contributions are to be deducted from the employed person's wages before they are paid.
Employed Persons

Quick Facts for Self Employed Persons

Self-Employed Persons pay contributions at a rate of 8.8%.

Retirees Quick Facts

A person age 60 to 64, who is in receipt of Retirement Benefit, may return/continue to work and receive the benefit, as long a he/she earns no more than half of the insurable wage ceiling.

Voluntarily Insured Persons Quick Facts

An unemployed person, who contributed at least 500 contributions to National Insurance, may apply for permission to pay contributions voluntarily at a rate of 5 percent of the individual’s average weekly earnings, based on his/her last year of employment.
Voluntarily Insured
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